聖ヨハネ会St. John's Congregation

福音史家聖ヨハネ布教修道会The Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist

本会の目的と精神Mission statement
関係者Persons concerned
戸塚文卿師Fr. Bunkei Totsuka
ギカ師Monsignor Vladimir Ghika
本会の保護の聖人Patron Saint
事業-過去Past Enterprises
事業-現在Present Enterprises
シスター達の使徒職Sisters' Apostilic Works
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Founding of Congregation

As with every congregation, the Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist was not formed by a single person. It was built by the dedication and prayers of many people and their interactions led by grace.

In the case of the St. John’s Congregation, Father Bunkei Totsuka sowed, Mother Fuku Okamura watered and through the blessings of Monsignor Vladimir Ghika, the congregation has flourished in many areas of service.

After graduating from the medical school of Tokyo University with honors, the young Dr. Totsuka went to the Pasteur Institute in Paris for further studies in medicine in 1921. While in Paris, he was led to become a Catholic priest. Soon after he returned to Japan, he started medical and pastoral care, particularly for tuberculosis patients, the typical epidemic in Japan around that time. So many people were driven to misery by the disease and the associated stigma and poverty.

Fr. Totsuka, gradually gathered together many co-workers as well as patients. While he was working in Nishi-koyama, Tokyo, many dedicated women of faith helped him. Among them was Fuku Okamura. She had a bone disorder which made her walking difficult, but she helped Fr. Totsuka in spite of it. While she was working with him, Msgr. Ghika, a
friend of Fr. Totsuka’s, visited Japan in 1933. They were both ordained in Paris only one year apart. It is said Fuku was healed by the blessing of Msgr. Ghika with a relic (the Holy
Crown) which he had brought with him to Japan. After gaining her health, she became even more active in serving patients and helping Dr. Totsuka.

In the mean time, Fr. Totsuka was occupied with many different projects including setting up a sanatorium in Chiba, teaching at the Catholic Seminary in the Archdiocese of Tokyo, serving as editor of the Catholic newspaper, translating and authoring many books of faith.

His next project was to lay the foundation for a new hospital to be called Sakuramachi Hospital located in Koganei, Tokyo. He completely exhausted himself in order to bring the new hospital into being, with very little time to eat or sleep. As a consequence, In August 1939, Fr. Totsuka departed to heaven at the age of 47 after having a heart attack, just before the hospital building was completed.

Like Moses, he could not reach the promised land he had been led to, but his followers/colleagues did. Archbishop Doi encouraged Fuku to take over Fr. Totsuka’s project and run the hospital. She felt it was too big a project for her, but after praying for days and nights, she finally decided to follow the path shown to her by God. In June 1944, Fuku Okamura, in cooperation with many others and with God’s blessings, founded a community called the Missionary Sisters of St. John the Evangelist in order to serve the sick.

「神は、その独り子をお与えになったほどに、世を愛された。独り子を信じる者が一人も滅びないで、永遠の命を得るためである。」 ヨハネ 3:16-17「For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.」 John 3:16